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    Announcements from Brandan
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    We just added the browse by topic capability, please give us some time to categorize all of our articles. The bulk of our articles are in this topic.
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    Theological papers that are written by the primary authors of Pristine Grace and exclusive to this web site.
  • The New Covenant - A Series by Bob Higby - 12 Articles
    A series of essays by Pristine Grace contributor Bob Higby on the New Covenant.
  • Modified Covenant Theology - 3 Articles
    A three part series comparing Covenant Theology with New Covenant Theology and Brandan's own take he calls "Modified Covenant Theology" (MCT). Richard Bacon a Covenant Theologian also provided his comments.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls - 3 Articles
    Some excellent material has been found in the Dead Sea scrolls, but has been rejected by modern theologians because of its strong determinism. You won't find articles like these anywhere else on the Internet!
  • SEA Tulip - 4 Articles
    It's time to add a few more letters to our favorite acronym TULIP. These articles address this new acronym from Pristine Grace contributor Bob Higby.
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    Here are some articles that deal with the doctrines sometimes known as "Hyper-Calvinism".
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    Articles about the practices of the ekklesia including the errors of modern day religion.
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    Articles about the last days.
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    We use a lot of these in our family devotionals. Most of them come from blogs and church bulletins.
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    All of our web pages that don't fall into thelogy.
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