Justified Freely By His Grace

     Rowland Hill was preaching at a county fair. He noticed the vendors selling their wares and said to his audience, "Our friends bring their fruits and crafts to the fair to sell, and they work hard TO GET UP TO THEIR PRICE. I bring you better things than they; my milk and bread is eternal food, but my difficulty is in getting you DOWN TO MY PRICE! My goods are free! 'Come,' saith the Lord, 'he that hath no money, come ye, buy and eat, yea, come buy wine and milk without money and without price."'

     "My friends," Hill continued, "if I were to offer justification for five dollars, all would leave this place justified; if I were to preach justification for all who would walk a hundred miles, all would become pilgrims tomorrow; if I were to preach justification for all who would be beaten with stripes, all would bare their backs immediately; but when the gift of life—justification FREELY BY HIS GRACE IN CHRIST JESUS—is offered freely for the poor and needy, men turn away in unbelief."

The moment a sinner believes
And trusts our crucified Lord,
Full pardon at once he receives;
Salvation is ours through His blood!

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