Andrew Fuller's Unitarian Philosphy
How he deceived the reprobates in the Baptist Assemblies
and split them into Arminian-Socinian heretics.

     The modern missionary movement began with Fuller’s (1754-1815) imitating the RCC/Jesuit missionaries like Javier by learning from Amyraut, Socinius, Arminius, and other Judaizers. They did not believe in Paul’s letter to the Galatians.

     Fuller taught the General Atonement from Abelard’s koo-koo LOVE Theory, Universal LOVE from the occult and oriental monks, the LOST are able to regenerate themselves, and saving grace is earned by doing the magic rituals and keeping superstitious traditions as proof of good-works. This just proves that Fuller and his gullible followers never read the Bible in context, but tried to motivate the haters of God and Jesus to their auto-salvation methods. 

     This is a defense of A DEFENSE OF PARTICULAR REDEMPTION by Wm. Rushton, 1831 against Fuller’s lies in the 1770s GOSPEL IS WORTHY OF ALL ACCEPTATION. Rushton shows Fuller’s schism and defines the beginnings of the Baptist Apostasy. We are dissidents and non-conformists falsely named Anabaptists or Baptists that later formed Calvinistic Associations in order to control their newly formed private club which soon became a mess as you see now on TV/radio and hard sell salesmanship gimmicks.

     Pentecostals and Charismatics are not truly independent assemblies but another set of religious hierarchies.

     Charles Haddon Spurgeon followed Fuller’s DUTY FAITH theory to destroy the Bible. The N.T. was written for believers to grow in the faith and answer the Pharisees, pagans, and idolatry. It is not a book for evangelizing the dead reprobates or for political control as when the politicians call their enemies the non-existent ANTICHRIST which the Reformers did and is still in use in today’s political race for winning votes. CHS was the final blow for teaching Biblical Salvation. The freewillers from Justin Martyr onward now run the assemblies and seminaries

     I was taught this mess at NOBTS. The current word then was Neo-Orthodox from Barth, Bultmann, and Tillich. Now it is called the New Age Gnostic Theory. Mysticism, experience, and feelings run the show. GET HIGH ON JESUS! HE IS THE BEST SATIFACTION! But of course, the opposite view was the DISPENSATIONAL CULT FROM DARBY’S OCCULT
SYSTEM. Therefore, the real Bible believers are caught in the middle and damned by both errors. Jesus: "The road is wide that leads to destruction!" Which road are you on? Psalm 1!

     I am a Bible believing pastor-teacher. Fuller turned away from his assembly and the Bible in 1770. The rest is the history of his apostasy and how he split the local congregations. The real and true independent assemblies, those outside the Calvinistic Associations, stood the test and stayed with the Bible. Are there any left?

     Rushton wrote this in 1831. It was buried in history by the freewill churches. It took me a long time to find the book, but what a blessing it was to clear my mind from all the Platonic philosophy. I am overjoyed to tell you the real truth about the independent, non-conformist, dissident Bible believers. 

     I am not saying who is saved or reprobated/rejected because that is God’s call. But I can read the Bible and check out the context and see what these pseudo-Baptists preach. God found me in the bowels of my mother’s witchcraft hell and Jesus saved me and the Holy Spirit grew me out of churchianity. If we don’t grow into the truth, then we are false children of God waiting for our deceit to be revealed at the final judgment, Heb. 12:5-11Matthew 25

     The bottom line is: WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE/GOD’S FAVORITISM. We are dead, inert, and numb, Eph. 3:1-3. Then God’s favoritism for the elect only; not for the whole world, makes the person alive, Eph. 2:4-7. Finally, we can trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ, Eph. 2:8-10

     The freewillers always quote vv. 8-9, but forget that regeneration precedes our ability to rely on Jesus’ bloody sacrifice. The word GRACE has wrong meanings in theology. They use animistic methods for earning grace, such as, means-of-grace, methodism, duty faith, conditionalism, individual merit system, keeping church traditions, theological arguments to hide their real unitarian lies, ad nauseam. 

     They think that they can help God, the Holy Spirit, to do His job. Fuller is just like the Catholic Arminius in re-animating the old merit system. Arminius covered up his denial of Jesus’ deity by arguing over predestination.

     The style of this study is that I will quote Fuller, then Rushton’s critique, and finally, my comments. 

  1. Page 21) "Fuller: When I first published my treatise on the nature of faith and the DUTY of all men/people who hear the gospel to believe it, (How can the blind see and the deaf hear? Mat. 13:1-23John 9:35-41.) the Christian faith had shrunk into contempt amongst us insomuch that the matters gone but a few years longer, the Baptists would have become a perfect dunghill society. (When is God going to lose His elect? When is the Holy Spirit going to stop regenerating Jesus’ sheep? Why was Fuller worried about the pagan, ungodly society? 1 John 2:15-17! The world and false churches are the dunghill.
  2. Since when is the assembly of Jesus’ believers going to be popular? Mat. 7:13-14!
  3. Jesus stated in John 15:18-27, that we are to be a dunghill for Him. When the church tries to please the society as in Marxist’s social gospel, then the church is no longer the assembly that Jesus is building. We are to flee this evil culture, Acts 2:40Gal. 1:4. The believers in Jesus choose to follow Him, John 10, and to please Him 2Cor. 5:7-9. Or are you a man-pleaser, Gal. 1:8-10? 1John 2:15-17 is very clear! Political theology, feed the drunk, God does not punish anyone, and group therapies are not from Jesus Christ. Luke 6:26 "Woe to you all when people speak well of you all because so did their fathers speak well to the false prophets."
  4. Since when is it the DUTY OF ALL MEN TO BELIEVE THE GOSPEL? How can the blind see, 2Cor. 4:1-6? How can the ignorant  Hear, Rev. 3:20? How can the dead/inert respond to the message and be free from Satan’s slavery, 2Tim. 2:19-26? We need a Savior; not a choice! But remember that only the elect will not be deceived, 2 Tim. 3:12-13, Mark 13:21-22.)
  5. p. 26) Fuller: "The atonement is sufficient, he affirms, for all mankind."

    Rushton: "Now the fallacy of this will appear, if we attend to one simple truth i.e. that the Scriptures always ascribe the salvation of a sinner, not to any abstract sufficiency , but to the vicarious nature of the death of Christ … For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ who died for us elect, Rom. 5:8 from 1:7. I conclude therefore, that it is much less absurd to affirm, with the Arminians like Roma, that Christ died for all mankind than to maintain, with Fuller, that the atonement is sufficient for the salvation of those for whom it was not intended, and for whom the Savior did not die." Later on, Rushton calls this Fuller’s INDEFINITE ATONEMENT.
  6. p. 27) Fuller: "There is such a fullness in the satisfaction of Christ, as is sufficient for the salvation of the whole world, were (if) the whole world to believe in Jesus" (That is just the point of contention! The whole world is not able to believe, John 12:37-41, nor wants to, John 5:39-40. Why is Fuller spreading this false hope and lie?). Rushton: "The atonement then is sufficient for the whole world CONDITIONALLY, i.e. if the whole world were to believe. The condition, however, is not easily performed. Many professors speak of faith in Christ as an easy matter, but the Bible teaches a different thing. The Scriptures (for believing assemblies only) represent man by nature as spiritually bound in chains, shut up in darkness, and in a prison house. Fuller stands opposed to this BY HIS CONDITION-ALISM." (Why do the Marrow Men reject unconditional election for the error of free offer, common grace, and duty faith heresies?)
  7. p. 27) Whitby, an Arminian, agrees with Fuller: "When we say that Christ died for all, we do not mean that for all, or any, absolutely, or without any conditions to be performed on their part, to interest them in the blessings of his passion, but only that he died for all conditionally, or so as that they should be made partakers of the blessings of his salutary passion, upon the condition of their faith, repentance, etc." (Where is Acts 11:15-18 where God gives a changed mind to the sheep?)
  8. p. 29) Fuller: "A satisfaction to divine justice, by virtue of which pertaining to the moral government of God, hinders any sinner from returning to him; and it is upon this ground that sinners are indefinitely invited to do so." (What an error! The Holy Spirit regenerates us against our rebellious will to overcome our natural resistance to the truth about Jesus’ Propitiation. The fickle desires of the ego soon prefers evil additions instead of freedom from them as promised by the hucksters, 2 Pet. 2:19-22.) Whitby: "Christ only by his death puts all men in a capacity of being justified and pardoned, and so of being reconciled to and having peace with God, upon their turning to God, and having faith in our Lord Jesus Christ; the death of Christ having rendered it consistent with the justice and the wisdom of God, with the honor of his majesty, and with the ends of government, to pardon the penitent believer." 

    (Please tell me how the rebellious, dead, hater-of-God wants to trust  Christ’s redemption and godly living? Fuller and Calvinists have never  answered my question from Eph. 2:1-3, "How can the dead believe?" So they black listed me in the name of "Love your enemy!")
  9. p. 31) Fuller: "It would be improper to represent the great work of redemption as a kind of commercial transaction between a creditor and his debtor." (But God did! Oh Fool!) "I apprehend that many important mistakes have risen from considering the interposition of Christ under the notion of paying a debt." (Logidzomai is the correct word! It means taken into account. Fuller rejects Mat. 28:20, 1Cor. 6:20Eph. 1:14, 1 Pet. 1:18-19.) Rushton: "Many Protestant writers, especially when defending imputed/charged right doing against the papists and Socinians (Fuller’s mentor), have often illustrated the transfer of our sins/wrong doings to Christ, and our entire deliverance from them by allusion to commercial transactions amongst men." … "These writers knew well that amongst men, crimes could not be transferred, though the punishment of the crimes might be transferred (As in The Tale of Two Cities), and judging that a transfer of punishment merely came infinitely short of that wondrous exchange which is transacted in the great world of redemption. They have often represented our sins/wrong doings as debts. Christ is our great surety and paymaster, and our deliverance from guilt (not in Christian psycho-babble today) and misery so complete, in consequence of the transfer sins/ wrong doings to Him that the justice of God demands our salvation in the same way that justice amongst men requires the debtor to be set free when the creditor has received payment at the hands of a surety/one-legally-libel-for-the-debt."
  10. p. 34 Fuller: "The particularity of redemption consists only in the purpose of God respecting its application." (We know God’s purposes! The Bible tells us, Oh Foolish Fuller!) Rushton: "Fuller’s inconsistency on this subject is not unlike that which may be often observed among the Arminian Methodists. It is common for some of them when describing their deliverance from guilt, to say that the blood/sacrifice of Christ was so powerfully applied to their conscience that they felt (did not know by faith) assured that Christ died for them. But certainly when a man believes that Christ died for all mankind, he cannot think he needs the Spirit of God to show him that Christ died for him in common with all the rest."
  11. p. 36: Fuller’s denial of imputation (Logidzoomai—put/transfer to the account of another, Rom. 4:1-9) follows Socinius. Sin was not really properly imputed to Christ but only in appearance. He was treated AS THOUGH sin were really imputed to Him. He suffered AS THOUGH he were guilty but yet guilt itself was not really imputed to Him. AAAHHH!!!

    p. 37) Fuller: "He was counted in the divine administration AS IF he were or had been the sinner (hates Isa. 53:5-6), that those who believe in Him might be accounted AS IF they were or had been righteous." Rushton: "The plain meaning of which is, that God gave His Son to suffer, AS THOUGH sin had been found upon Him or in other words, that Christ bore the punishment of guilt, but not guilt itself." (This is the source of current Christian psychological counseling today; one needs the pagan teaching of Freud, etc. to get rid of guilt). Rushton: "Now for Christ to suffer instead of the guilty is one thing, but to have guilt itself imputed to Him is another. Fuller explains away the doctrine of Imputation." (Read Romans 4:1-9Ps. 32.)
  12. p. 39 "Fuller’s atonement represents the Lord Jesus as a lawgiver rather than a Savior, and attributes to His death that which belongs to the law of the Ten Commandments." (Fuller is a Baxterite. Justification is by a lesser law; one which a person can easily obey. What a lie! Rom. 3:9-20 proves them wrong, John 3:19.) On p. 40: I believe that Rushton has found the truth about Fuller. He is a secret unitarian: to what purpose do we maintain the Godhead of Christ if we hold so lax views of His atonement as to deny the certain efficacy of His death and there is no power in His blood/sacrifice to take away sin. (Arminius, another source for Fuller, did the same thing in His denial of the Tri-unity in his argument against Hyper-Calvinism—a red herring. Unitarians do not need a God to mediate redemption since God is a singular unit and loves everyone, so he needs no propitiation from God Himself to avoid blackmailing Him with our useless offerings. John’s Gospel answers all of this stupidity.)

    The Socinians argue against those who assert the substitution of Christ: "The Scriptures everywhere testify that God forgives men their sins freely. (LIE!) But to a Free Forgiveness nothing is more opposite than such satisfaction as they contend for, and the payment of an equivalent price. (LIE!) For where a creditor is satisfied, either by the debtor himself, or by another person on the debtor’s behalf, it cannot with truth be said of him that he freely forgives the debt." (This is a big fat lie and a clever way to twist the Bible to one’s own destruction. Socinians deliberately mistranslate FORGIVENESS. APHIEMI means a debt paid for or canceled by another paying the debt. How can they say "God forgives without a debt paid off?" Fuller splits what can not be split as all catholic cults do. FREE refers to the Holy Spirit’s application of the Gospel. Yet, all these groups are buried in law keeping that only damns people, Gal. 3:10-14 & 5:4.)

    ACCEPTILATION, THE CURRENT HERESY; Oxford Dictionary: "It is a technical term in Roman Law from IMPONTING (put in place of) the remission/payment (paid for) of a debt by an acquitance (clearing off of a debt) from the creditor, testifying the receipt of money which has never been paid.

    Figurative: In the Theological sense, it is the free cancellation of sins without appeasing God’s wrath". Grotius’ Example Theory from perverted law is said to be one source of Wesley’s Acceptilation Theory which rejects his own doctrinal statement. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary: "It is a cancellation of a debt by an acquitance (release from a debt) from the creditor without receiving the money. It is a receipt PAID IN FULL which bars a further demand for the money." THE ATONEMENT OF THE DEATH OF CHRIST, by Dr. H.D. McDonald, 1985 Baker, page 201 "The other idea that emerged from Arminius’ pictorial account was that the sufferings of Christ were demanded by justice that ‘regard should be paid to justice/her.’ These 2 ideas merged to Limborch and the governmental theory of Grotius.
  13. page 202, "The phrase appearing twice in this passage, AS IF, shows that for Limborch while Christ’s sacrifice does not meet in full payment the debt owing, it is accepted by the Father as sufficient." AAAHHH!!! 

    Page 203, "The conclusion for Limborch is that Christ did not make satisfaction by bearing the punishment (and guilt) merited by sinners."

    (Once I found this, I understood all the lies that I was taught by Drs. Robbins, Adams, Humphreys, etc. at NOBTS, and all the current theologians. Read Mc’s over 50 explanations of the perversions of Jesus’ bloody sacrifice, John 1:29, 1 Cor. 5:7.) I believe that d here refers to John MacArthur's book on the Murder of Jesus but I would have to confirm that. --Bob H.
  14. p. 40, Fuller: "If God forgives, then he does not demand payment. (LIE!) If God demands a payment, then he does not forgive sin." (LIE! This is straight out of Socinius’ Unitarianism. When the Lord taught me Salvation by Grace/favoritism and I am still in the process of living that way, no wonder I was not accepted by all those churches that I passed thru. They had a false gospel and I was not living by their codes, laws, and tabus. They hated living by grace; especially the Catholic Reformed Churches! They hollered at me ANTINOMIAN! I should have hollered back NEO-NOMIAN, PHARISEE, JUDAIZERS, LAW-LOVERS, but I was ignorant of their twisted word system. I was living by grace and reading the Bible in context. These are the reasons why I was not wanted to preach in their club.) On p. 41, Rushton: "Towards the sinner, salvation is an act of free, unmerited mercy. But towards Christ, as the sinner’s surety and representative, it is an act of justice, arising not merely from a promise made of his own plenary satisfaction. In all, the stupendous, infinite justice and boundless mercy are displayed. In this great work YHWH shines in all His glory as a just God and a Savior." (God provided His own payment so that we can’t bribe God with our so-called works and black mailing offerings.)
  15. p. 43, Fuller’s doubletalk: "The decrees of God, the Father, Fuller allows, is absolute. The operation of the Spirit is absolute, yet, with marvelous inconsistency, he represents the atone-ment of Christ as CONDITIONAL, sufficient for the whole race of Adam!" p. 45ff: "The bottom line is how far did Adam fall? What Fuller called moral inability, is not properly inability, but disinclination, and Hinton calls it ‘lack of disposition,’." (We are all created like Adam. We do good and bad! We obey and dis-obey. Augustine’s dogma from Manes is a Gnostic heresy that entered the churches through philosophy that Gus systematized into the errors in Christendumb; "Original Sin" is a big fat lie! Heresy! The issue is not good or bad, but do we trust and obey our God Triune or the snake? The Holy Spirit regenerates us so that we escape the snake and live for serving Jesus Christ, Eze. 37Heb. 8.)
  16. p. 74, "Fuller means no more by justification than an exemption from punishment, or treating the sinner AS THOUGH he were righteous. He positively denies that sin itself is or can be transferred from the sinner to Christ, or the dessert of punishment removed, or the righteousness of Christ imparted." (Billy Graham preached that lie in the song JUST AS I AM. This song is for believers to come to Jesus as they are in growing pains. It is not for sinners to be accepted into Jesus’ presence AS THEY ARE in their sinful rebellion. We are only accepted to God in Christ; never in our cute silly wishful desires).

    The Reformed Protestant churches, Reformed Baptist groups, Arminian Baptists, Liberal Baptists and current crop of Keswick Perfectionists all follow Fuller back into the Papacy since the Bible is no longer their standard. Where is Romans 6:10-11, 1Pet. 2:1-10 ?

    Rushton’s reply on page 80 destroys the FORENSIC AS IS theory. We are accepted only in Christ; never in just-as-if-I’d-never-sinned heresy.
  17. p. 115, Rushton’s summary of Fuller’s heresy: "No sooner do Christians lose sight of the glory of the vicariously transferred/imputed righteousness, than they are brought into bondage." (Luther said the same thing in his book on Galatians. Yet, look at the Reformers now! All are deniers of the basic truth of how the gospel works. Few in our current age know this truth. It is hated. All teach some form of CONDITIONALISM and "send money!")

    Fuller’s source: "Moise Amraut 1596 propounded a view of hypothetical universal predestination, whereby God was said to will the salvation of all people (God is a weak wimp) on the condition that they believe. (Freewill philosophy sneaks in again.) So ideally Christ’s atonement was sufficient for all, but because of universal depravity, in practice, it was efficient only for the elect." ETD p42 (Great double think!)

    Hassell’s HISTORY, pp 337-343. "What then shall we think of Fuller’s fine-spun metaphysics about the unrenewed human ability? How can any believer in the Scriptures believe a word of Fuller’s? It is the superficial declaration of the Roman Catholic Council of Trent that ‘Divine commands necessarily imply human ability—JUST AS THOUGH MAN HAD NEVER FALLEN", p 339. (All those commands were written to believers; never to the lost pagan.The dead reprobate has other interests, Eph. 4:17-19.)

     There is some overlap in this second study. The N.T. was written against all the typical heresies and it is still sufficient to reply to all the heresies that plague our assemblies today. These heresies have never changed over the centuries. Send for my study of Justin Martyr who recorded all of them in 148 A.D. Each Diotrephes, 3John 9-10, just re-arranges the words and philosophies into different sounding phrases, but they are the same pagan philosophies.

     In 1770’s, Andrew Fuller was the arch heretic to deceive the reprobates who were hidden in the false Calvinistic-Arminian assemblies. He was so successful that most do not know the history of this culprit with his clever, sneaky unitarian-freewillism from Socinius. He and Carey are now praised for starting the Modern Missionary Movement, Matthew 23:15.

     I was a part of this movement until the grace/favoritism from God slowly weaned me from these errors. How I do not know, but they knew my Bible ideas then put me out. Later on I found out that they had bad theology and gimmicks instead of the N.T. message.

     I found the real truth in the Biblical context and in genuine church history without revisionism and following the Roman Catholic missionary method. I have over 15 years of pagan Christian education, yet I was never taught the truth. Why? They wanted their salary and one could not shake the boat.

     p22) "Fuller denied redemption as the ransom price paid by Jesus to the Father’s wrath. All liberals/modernists believe that the word means ‘our personal freedom to do our own salvation." (Theologians make all the words to refer to their experience, 2Tim. 4:3-4.)

     p29) "Fuller makes satisfaction to divine justice a hindrance for any sinner to return to God." (The unitarian deity needs no appeasement as reprobate Anglican Dodd wrote. He makes propitiation into a "pleasant experience of feeling clean." Nominal Christians hate Rom. 3:9-5:5.)

     p30) "Fuller reprobated the representation of sin as a debt and rejected Christ’s atonement as payment of a debt." (Calvinists now put Fuller’s "Gospel Worthy of Acceptance for All" back into print when real Reformers fought against it.)

     p55) "Fuller denies the vicarious cross. His view relative to the atonement is that upon the principle/law, the death of Christ is not vicarious, though all real Christians hold that view." (Fullerism won! The offense of the cross is gone, Gal. 5:11-12.)

     p61) "If Christ died only for sin abstractly, then His death be not vicarious." (Therefore, Jesus no saves His people, Mat. 1:21Isa. 53.)


     p99) "That which imparts the sinner just, is the alone work of Jesus Christ, finished on the cross, imputed/imparted for all for whom it was accomplished, and received by faith alone."

     p102) "To assert that the truths of eternal election, free justification (declared not guilty), imputed righteousness, efficacious redemption, and invincible grace in regeneration, lead to careless and ungodly life, is to sin with a very high hand indeed (deliberately hiding truth).

     p110) "Current missionary candidates are nice, without much inquiry whether they are dead to the law and possess a living faith in Jesus (not saving faith dogma), or whether they have ever brought a lost sinner by the Holy Spirit to the blood."

     p118) "Acts 4:11-13 ‘Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated (in the Rabbinic laws) and untrained (by Gamalliel) men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.’ (But they knew Greek and Hebrew.) The apostles and primitive pastors were qualified for their work not by the tuition/teaching of Gamaliel, or of any other theological tutor, but only by the communication of the Holy Spirit. ‘Our sufficiency is of/from God who hath made us able ministers of the N.T. 2Cor.3:4-6.’."

     p120) "When Christianity became corrupted (since Justin Martyr’s APPOLOGY), nominal conversions took place of regeneration and the kingdom of the clergy began to rise. The nations professing Christianity had no love for the truth, and as for the Holy Spirit, they knew Him not. The simple gospel was exchanged for a scholastic theology, founded on the philosophy of this world, and the wisdom of Aristotle (and Plato).

     Then were universities instituted that by them, that men might be fitted for the Christian ministry. These have been the nurseries of the clergy in all ages, vomiting forth their Antichristian divinity like the smoke of the bottomless pit, out of which a carnal priesthood, like locusts, have precede, and overspread the earth. Schools of learning, considered simply as means of knowledge, are good, but when they are employed to invade the prerogative of Jesus Christ, when they are instituted to accomplish what none but the Spirit can effect, they become an engine of Satan, and are abominable to God. In this respect also, our Baptist churches have begun to initiate the Antichristian apostasy." (Rushton wrote this in 1831. He was correct. Fullerism controls all of Evangelicals, Fundamentalists, and Christendumb today, Mark 13:21-22.)


  1. God elects some to be His sheep, John 3:27, 5:21 & 39-40, 6:44-45, 12:37-41, 15:18-27, Romans 9Eph. 1:1-14, 1Pet. 2:1-10.
  2. God created people to be chosen and rejected, 2Thes. 2:9-15, 2Peter 2:1-22.
  3. God caused Adam and Eve to rebel, Gen. 2:15-17, 3:1-22, Deut. 13 & 24:16, Pro. 16:4.
  4. God gives salvation only to His sheep, John 10 & 17.
  5. All the elect will trust and obey the Lord Jesus Christ, Eph. 2:1-10, Ti. 3:1-8, 2Tim.2:19-26, 1John 5:1-15Rev. 22:16-19

     Theology splits God from His decrees, from His laws, and His election from my given regeneration and faith. Judaizers follow laws and principles; not the Holy Spirit. Mystics follow feelings and noisy dances; not faith in Jesus Christ, 1Cor. 1:17-2:16.


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