Prayers for Salvation

     Any prayers for the lost to be saved must give glory to God: by acknowledging that we desire the lost whom he has ELECTED to be saved. Not merely those whom we love in this earthly life by sentiment or family ties. There is nothing wrong with us desiring our friends and family to be saved. However, to pray that God will save them in a manner that invokes his favoritism toward our family line or circle of friends--this is abominable.

     All of us have many ancestors in hell. We will also have biological descendents in hell. Isaac now sees his son Esau in hell. David sees his sons Ammon and Absolam in hell. Eli sees his sons in hell. That 'Presbyterian covenant child' cult leader in California (Marshall Applewhite) is now in hell, though both his father and son were/are conservative Presbyterian ministers. None of this scenario is ultimately due to any fault of men who were faithful to God's oracles (although some of them seriously disobeyed God's commands with respect to their children).

     Many heathen who are converted to Christ have all their ancestors in hell for dozens of generations! Including, of course, their own parents.

     God shows no favoritism in family lines or circles of friendship. He indeed may have predestined our children or friends to hell. We must pray according to his sovereign will and perfect grace in election! It is far more appropriate to pray for wisdom in teaching the gospel to our family & friends than it is to pray that God will save each one individually. His elective decree toward all mankind is certain already!

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