God and Eternity

     God created time for the measure of His creatures, not His own being and motion. Past, present, and future are much to us, whose existence, duration, and motions are spanned and spun out by moments; but to God who is eternal, dwells in eternity, is eternity, not circumscribed with place or time, there is nothing former, or later, no succession, of present or past, of future to present, but all at once,, and in one view apparent to his eye of infinite knowledge. So that albeit he speaks often in Scriptures to our capacities of succession of time, as if He together with us did act within the bounds thereof; else if He should speak still in reference to the things of old, and things hereafter to us as the eternal I AM, not I was, or I will be, our weakness would be beneath the comprehension of what He saith. Yet these circumstances of time do add nothing to, take nothing from, nor properly square with Him that is above time, without the precincts of time, comprehends time, and temporary things within Himself, and is not comprehended, or touched by them.

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