Knowing the Secrets of God

"...and Joseph answered Pharaoh saying, It is not in me; God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace." - Genesis 41:16

     God’s will and purpose shall be known by the sons and daughters of Adams race, but how and by whom shall God reveal such wonders of his grace and mercy? Joseph was the only one in the kingdom that understood and then revealed the perfect will of God to this sinful man. Our blessed and sovereign Redeemer is the only one that reveals and opens our hearts and minds to the will and purpose of the God of all glory.

     To know or be known of God is our basic and most urgent necessity and only in the person and by the worth of Jesus of Nazareth can we know our great God. We are totally without sight (spiritual) in the things of God; we are totally without understanding in the truth of God; and we are totally without grace apart from the workings of Christ revealing and creating life within us.

     God, through Joseph revealed his truth to the king and showed him those things ‘which must shortly come to pass.’ God in like manner, through that most blest Son of Righteousness, shows unto his chosen bride, those things which we must have and possess whereby we are made ‘accepted in the Beloved’. I often hear people talk about coming or learning of ‘god’ by their own efforts or by some other way than that way purposed and prescribed by Jehovah and this I know can never be so.

     God will not be known apart from His Son and those to whom he reveals himself by the blood of Jesus Christ . . . that great Revealer of the secrets of God.

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