What Is Your Hope?

     Ask almost any man, “Whether he hopes to be saved eternally?” He will answer in the affirmative.  But enquire again, “On what foundation he rests his hope?” Here too many are sadly divided....

  1. The Pelagian hopes to get to heaven by a moral life and a good use of his natural powers.
  2. The Arminian by a jumble of grace and free-will, human works, and the merits of Christ.
  3. The Deist by an interested observance of the social virtues.

     Thus merit-mongers, of every denomination, agree in making any thing the basis of their hope, rather than that foundation which God’s own hand hath laid in Zion.

     But what saith Scripture? It avers, again and again, that Jesus alone is our hope: to the exclusion of all others, and to the utter annihilation of human deservings.  Beware, therefore, of resting your dependence partly on Christ, and partly on some other basis.  As surely as you bottom your reliance partly on the rock, and partly on the sand, so certainly, unless God give you an immediate repentance to your acknowledgment of the truth, will your supposed house of defence fall and bury you in its ruins, no less than if you had raised it on the sand alone. Christ is the hope of glory.

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