What Fellowship Can There Be?

    What fellowship can there be between those who have been made the righteousness of God in Christ by grace and those that Paul describes in another place like his own people that he says they are going about to establish their own righteousness? What kind of fellowship can there be between people who look to the Lord Jesus Christ and call him all their righteousness and those who on the other hand cover themselves, dress themselves in the filthy rags of their own self righteousness? If we didn’t know anything else, we would know by the virtue of the fact that even among those first two boys that were born into this world, Cain and Abel, there could not be—even though they were brothers—any fellowship because one was righteous and the other was unrighteous. What fellowship can there be between those whose hope is in an imputed righteousness, one charged to their account by God and that of Christ and those things that they do by their own hands or don’t do? No way. No way. What fellowship could there be between those who believe and hope in the free grace of God alone and those who fly in the face of God’s Word and seek to be justified by their own works? There is no way. There is absolutely no way.

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