What Does Justification Mean?

    What does justification mean? People don't talk about these things anymore. Religion has got to the place where the bible is little more than a self help book. I heard a preacher once say "we don't talk about justification, or sanctification, or righteousness. These things upset people. We don't call people sinners because it upsets them. We talk about how they can better their lives and be better people." Listen. You can be as good as you want to be. And I hope you will. But as good as you can be isn't good enough. You know how good you have to be to get to heaven? You have to be as good as God. If you ain't, you can't go. And the only way to be as good as God is to be in His son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who was made by God to be unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

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