The Blood Before the Lord

    Note in Scripture how many times the blood is said to be “before the Lord.” Whether any man saw it or not was of small account, for it was offered for sin “before the Lord.” When the Passover lamb was slain in Egypt, where was the blood placed? It was on the OUTSIDE of the door, “before the Lord.” He said, “When I see the blood I will pass over you.” The suffering and death of Christ on behalf of His people was “before the Lord” - UNTO the Lord - to declare the Lord’s righteousness, to satisfy the Lord’s justice, to fulfill the Lord’s purpose, to glorify the Lord’s character, to enable the Lord to be both just and Justifier! The atonement does not change the NATURE and the character of God, but rather the atonement HONORS and MAGNIFIES the character of God. The death of Christ is NOT the cause of God’s love, but the result of it. God is not merciful because Christ died; Christ died because God is merciful. In order that every attribute might be expressed, glorified and honored, God gave His Son to be the Savior of chosen people! Thank God we have an atonement, “before the Lord.” 

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