All Things Work Together for Good

"All things work together for good." - Romans 8:28

    These words teach believers that no matter what may be the number nor how overwhelming the character of adverse circumstances, they are all contributing to conduct them into the possession of the inheritance provided for them in heaven. How wonderful is the providence of God in over-ruling the most disorderly things, and in turning to our good things which in themselves are most pernicious! We marvel at His mighty power which holds the heavenly bodies in their orbits; we wonder at the continually recurring seasons and the renewal of the earth; but this is not nearly so marvelous as His bringing good out of evil in all the complicated occurrences of human life, and making even the power and malice of Satan, with the naturally destructive tendency of his works, to minister good for His children. 

"All things work together for good."

    This must be so for three reasons. First, because all things are under the absolute control of the Governor of the universe. Second, because God desires our good, and nothing but our good. Third, because even Satan himself cannot touch a hair of our heads without God's permission, and then only for our further good. Not all things are good in themselves, nor in their tendencies; but God makes all things work for our good. Nothing enters our life by blind chance; nor are there any accidents. Everything is being moved by God, with this end in view—our good. Everything being subservient to God's eternal purpose, works blessing to those marked out for conformity to the image of Christ. All suffering, sorrow, loss, are used by our Father to minister to the benefit of the elect.

From “Comfort for Christians: The Christian’s Assurance”

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