The Most Important Aspect of a Preachers Life in This World is Prayer

    The preacher must study with all diligence, preparing his mind with knowledge, so that when he stands to preach he can feed the people of God with knowledge and understanding. He must labor in the Word and in the doctrine. He must relentlessly give himself to the work of the ministry: studying, writing, and preaching. But if that is all he does, he will be a very poor preacher. The preacher must also give himself to prayer. In study he prepares his mind to preach; in prayer he prepares his heart. Study will give him a sermon; prayer will give him a message. Study will give him knowledge; prayer will give him wisdom. Study will give him logic; prayer will give him power.

    If the messages we preach are to do good for the souls of men and bring honor to our God, they must be fetched from heaven by prayer. If they are to be clothed in power, they must be bathed in prayer. If they are to be delivered in the Spirit, they must be born of the Spirit. If we would learn to preach, we must learn to pray. We must pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit, seeking a message from God; pray for the wisdom of the Spirit, preparing the message; and pray for the grace of the Spirit to apply the message to the hearts of men.

    A long time ago, I ran across a statement by John Owen, which I committed to memory. I have never forgotten it. It contains a real message for all who preach the gospel. Mr. Owen said, "A minister may fill his pews, his communion roll, and the mouths of the public; but what that minister is on his knees in secret before God almighty, that he is and no more." Above all other things, prayer is the most important aspect of the preacher's life and work in this world. Where there is no true prayer, there will be no true preaching. If a preacher truly realizes in his heart that the power of the gospel is not in himself, (his study, his learning, his eloquence, or his logic), but in the sovereign will and grace of God, he will pray.

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