Believers Have the Answer

    “Believers have the answer” : this is what was brought to my mind this week as I witnessed a friend passing from this life into the next. Oh, we have been given the answer of all answers for any situation, any problem, and any need that life, trial, trouble, and even death presents to us: “Christ is all and in all.”

    Are we needing any healing, there is balm in Gilead; are we in need of food, drink or direction, Christ is our bread, water and way. He is our very present help in time of need, He is our life when all around us is unsure and certain death waits, and He is our peace in a world that is so far removed from peace or making peace! I wish to stay here, under His wings, in His powerful hands, next to His warm and tender voice.  Lord I need Thee, every hour I need, I’m weak, unsure about many things and will fall away if left to myself. Keep me as You have promised, and bring me safely into Your presence, and may it be soon; but, not my will be done, Thy will be done. As it will most certainly be done, give me contentment and comfort to see your face in it all!

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