Christ, the Believer's Portion

    No object is so suitable and adequate to the heart as He is. He is a portion that punctually, exactly, and directly suits the condition of the soul, that suits the desires of the soul; the necessities of the soul, the wants of the soul, the longings of the soul, and the prayers of the soul. The soul can crave nothing, nor wish for nothing, but what is to be found in this Portion.

    Here is light to enlighten the soul, wisdom to counsel the soul, power to support the soul, goodness to supply the soul, mercy to pardon the soul, beauty to delight the soul, glory to ravish the soul, and fullness to fill the soul, etc.

    Health is not more suitable to the sick man, nor wealth to the poor man, nor bread to the hungry man, nor drink to the thirsty man, nor clothes to the naked man, nor balm to the wounded man, nor ease to the tormented man, nor health to the diseased man, nor pardon to the condemned man, nor a guide to the blind man, etc. than this Portion is suitable to all the necessities of man; and this speaks out the excellency of this Portion above all others.

    Now there is no earthly portion that can suit an immortal soul; he is a fool upon record that said, "Soul, thou hast goods laid up for many years, take ease, eat, drink, and be merry," Luke 12:18-20. If the man, saith Ambrose upon these words, had the soul of a swine, what could he have said more? for those things were more suitable to swine than they were to an immortal soul.

    Man's soul is a spiritual and immortal substance, it is capable of union and communion with God; it is capable of a choice enjoyment of God here, and an eternal fruition of God hereafter. A great shoe will not fit a little foot, nor a great sail a little ship, nor a great ring a little finger; no more will any earthly portion suit an immortal soul.

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