Nuggets Found Here and There

"Why come to Christ? Because of WHO HE IS-the eternal Son of God. Because of WHAT HE HAS DONE-He died on the cross for sinners. Because of WHERE HE IS NOW-at the right hand of the Father interceding for sinners. Because in Him there is HOPE, HELP, REST, SALVATION for sinners."

"I have heard that beggars help one another. When one finds a house willing to help him with a good meal or a hand-out, he passes the word a long to others in need and they go there seeking help. Is this not a good description of Christian witnessing? One beggar telling another beggar where he can find food?"

"The believer is a mystery to others and to himself, also. He is sanctified, yet he feels himself to be the chief of sinners. He loves God's law, yet he wrestles with an inward desire to have his own way. He has great sorrow and heaviness of heart over others, yet he rejoices in the Lord always. His spirit longs to be with Christ, yet his flesh clings to the earth. He knows that he is secure in Christ, yet he examines his faith continually."

"I thought to prepare myself for great things only to learn that it was the rough voice in the wilderness He planned to use and not the polished preacher. It was the weak, impulsive shepherd with the sling that He planned to use and not the mighty warrior with his armor of wit and arsenal of facts, doctrines, and learning. If we don't pour contempton ourselves, GOD WILL!"

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