Fakebook Ministries

    Over the past ten years or so, it's become fashionable to set up a "facebook" ministry where one or two sovereign grace leaders start to preach every week to a list of followers.  Some of these aren't bad!  But in my experience most of them are obnoxious.  While I'm not opposed to preaching the truth, and sharing knowledge of the truth with others online, it has been my observation that many of these folks online are not leadership material.  They are self-appointed "pastors".  They even call themselves "pastor" such and such - taking such pride in their supposed title.  Yet the true leaders amongst us do not seek honor, and care only about honoring our Savior.

    There are a lot of needy people out there, and our job as servants should be that of caring, and tending to the needs of the sheep, not just getting up in the pulpit.  My heart aches for those out there that are struggling and just need a good word, and then they stumble across one of these fakebook preachers who can decently teach core doctrine, but is unkind, rough, uncaring, and encourages arguments, strife, and divisions amongst their followers.  

    Our love of the Gospel is more than just an academic exercise to be carried out online and on Facebook.  When we sit down to hear a sermon, read a book or paper, or read the scriptures, we should sit down with an attitude of worship.  We seek to exalt Him, and in doing so, we are humbled - never proud of our knowledge.  Yet many in the sovereign grace camp are proud, doting on one another, and online showmen.  

    It breaks my heart to witness it all.  I've seen one of these Facebook preachers in particular ignore a hurting woman and critique her about who she was listening to instead of attending to her serious medical needs and cry for help.  These type of men have no business ever pastoring anyone and should hang up preaching on the internet and go find a pew to warm in my opinion.  They are causing far more harm than good. 

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