His Majesty

    The heaven is His throne; here He sits enthroned in all the glory of His majesty, with all His attendants upon Him, and courtiers about Him. The Lord Christ is now in heaven; and where He will continue to the restitution of all things, and from whence His people expect Him at the last day. Here He is on the same throne with His divine Father; which throne He has prepared or established, so as it cannot be moved: when others are cast down, this shall stand; His throne is forever and ever. The Targum in the king’s Bible is, “the Word of the Lord hath prepared,” &c. And His kingdom ruleth over all; over all created beings; over angels, good and bad; over men, righteous and wicked; over the greatest of men, the kings and princes of the earth. Good angels are subject to Him; devils tremble at Him; saints acknowledge Him as their King; the wicked He rules with a rod of iron; and kings reign by Him, and are accountable to Him.

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