The law calls unclean every issue from the body - that is, every issue but one: tears.  It seems to be the only thing that we humans produce that is not repulsive to God.  Tears are precious to Him.  He is even said to collect them in a bottle. (Psalm 56:8)  Hezekiah's tears were counted on a level with his prayers. (Isaiah 38:5).  Tears were considered suitable to bathe the feet of the Master.

    Tears of repentance are pleasing to the Lord.  Each drop is a testimony of a work of His grace that has brought the rebel to bay, reconciled the heart of an enemy, and called His prodigal home. Do not fear to shed them and never despise them in another.  If ever a holy thing came out of a man or woman, it must be those tears that flow from a heart broken by God's grace.

    Tears of sorrow catch His attention.  We think to impress the Lord with lofty language and ingratiate ourselves to Him with flattering words.  But the most poetic prayer ever uttered by men has not so much force as a tear shed in His presence. "In all their distress He too was distressed." (Isaiah 63:9)  Many a prayer is made of sobs and tears without words and the Lord hears with understanding and sees with mercy and He is moved with compassion for them.  Such tears shed at the throne of grace stir up Divine mercy to help us in time of need.

    Tears of love, gratitude and praise are sweet to Him.  The sinful woman bathed the Lord's feet with her tears and though the tearless Pharisee was offended at her presence, the Lord was glad to have her loving service and He blessed her by repeating to her that she had been forgiven and her faith had saved her.

    Do not despise tears! The Lord doesn't. Do not despise your tears or the tears of others.  Sweet they are to God.  Let them flow, for they are signs neither of weakness, unbelief nor immaturity.  They are powerful testimonies before the Lord. The Lord Jesus, Himself, prayed with crying and tears, and was heard. (Hebrews 5:7)  Let us follow His example.

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