Why Did I Post Something From That Guy?


    Over the course of owning and operating Pristine Grace for over twenty years, I've been asked on many occaisions as to why I post something from a particular author.  Usually, the question comes from someone who is very sound in their beliefs, and thinks that posting something from a particular author is a form of compromise.  I've even posted items from arminians on this site and to the die hard calvinist, they consider that to be a form of spiritual infidelity, a crossing the line if you will into pure compromising trash.

    Folks, all the articles on this website were written by men, sinful men at that.  There are no great men of God.  There are only sinful and unworthy men.  Yet God is pleased to use men and women as vessels for His truth.  Sometimes a man is raised up that writes mostly good things.  Other times, a man writes mostly bad pieces of work, but sometimes, after wading through a ton of junk, you discover a gem - a grace gem if you will, worthy to be repeated and shared with other weary travellers who need a good word for their heart.

    And that is the purpose of this site - to provide sheep food for weary sheep.  And I have my favorite authors also!  But I also include items from authors that I don't care for all that much.  This site does not exist to glorify or exalt certain men.  I include pictures of the men next to each article, but only out of respect for God's ways of using pitiful creatures such as ourselves to produce food for His sheep.  May we not get caught up so much in who wrote this or that, but the actual content.  The hymn It Is Well With My Soul was written by lawyer Heratio Spafford.  Heratio was used by God to produce a great hymn for the benefit of the people of God, yet he later apostatized and denied the faith in nearly every possible way.  I still love it today.  I still sing it.  And it brings me great joy.  Should I not use this material simply because it was written by an unbeliever?  Some say I should not - that to do so is to compromise into error - and even apostatize and adopt the errors of these men.  But I say that all things are from God.  And that HE is the author of all good things.  Therefore, if I find some benefit in the material, I will publish it.  If I find it harmful to this ministry to publish something, I won't publish it.  I pray that the Lord would guide me to make these decisions in humility and wisdom, until it is time to either close the site down, or hand the torch off to someone else to shape and mold into their vision for what this website should be.

    The simple truth is, this website isn't even mine.  I have simply been given a torch to carry for a limited amount of time.  It will, like all things, be turned into dust.  It is simply a temporal item proclaiming the things of eternity.  I can only walk in the light that has been given to me.  Please be patient with me as I do my best, Lord willing, to provide a website that is beneficial to His people and dedicated to His glory in Christ crucified.  Thank you to all who have supported me throughout the years.  Your love and kind words of encouragement have given me the ability to keep pressing on in this ministry.  There have been times when it would be easier for me to just give it up, and go hide within the church, quietly warming a pew.  Nobody would ever criticize me.  But because of this website, and the material that I personally produce, I invite upon myself slings and arrows, not just from foes, but from even perceived friends.  But I couldn't live with myself if I did that.  I have been called to this ministry - to publish material.  I believe strongly in publishing Gospel material - and preaching the truth to a dying world.  Thanks for your patience with me as we journey together on the Highway to the Celestial City!

    Grace and Peace,

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