Our Forms of Worship

    If I have gone through the general routine of the worship of my church, and then think that I have done something acceptable to God, while yet my heart has not communed with him in humble repentance, or faith, or love, or joy, or consecration; I make a great mistake.

    You may keep on with your religious performances for seventy years or more; you may not neglect a single rubric in the whole ritual; but it is all nothing unless the soul has fellowship with God.

    Godliness is a spiritual thing; for "God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."

    So far as our forms or worship help us towards this spiritual communion, they are good, but no farther.

    Everything brought to God as a sacrifice must be alive. Its blood must be poured out warm at the altar's foot. Oh that you and I might feel that lifting of the soul to God, and that buoyancy of heart, which true spiritual worship alone can bring to us!

    May our ritual, whether we have much or little, be our guide to God, and not our chain to hold us back from God!

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