The Best Man

    It seems to me that the best and most tender duty that Christians do for their Lord Jesus, is that which is touched with the bloodmark — which bears the stamp of the cross.

    The best preaching is, "We preach Christ crucified!"

    The best living is, "We are crucified with Christ!"

    The best man, is a crucified man!

    The more we live beholding our Lord's unutterable griefs, and understanding how He has fully put away our sin — the more holiness we shall produce.

    The more we dwell where the cries of Calvary can be heard — where we can view Heaven, and earth, and Hell, all moved by His wondrous suffering — the nobler will our lives become.

    Nothing puts life into men, like a dying Savior!

    Come, let us slay sin — for Christ was slain.

    Come, let us bury all our pride — for Christ was buried.

    Come, let us rise to newness of life — for Christ has risen.

    Let us be united with our crucified Lord in His one great objective. Let us live and die with Him — and then every action of our lives will be very beautiful.

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