Oh! The Glory!

"Yes, he is altogether lovely." - Solomon's Song 5:16

    Do you say that Christ is altogether lovely? It is not enough. It is not a thousandth part enough!

    No tongue of man, no tongue of angel, can ever set forth his unutterable beauties!

    But the day shall presently dawn and usher in the everlasting age when Christ shall be better seen, for every eye shall see him, and every tongue confess that he is Lord.

    The whole earth will one day be sweet with the praise of Jesus. Earth, did I say?

    This alabaster box of Christ's sweetness has too much fragrance in it for the world to keep it all to itself.

    The sweetness of our Lord's person will rise above the stars, and perfume worlds unknown. It will fill heaven itself!

    Eternity shall be occupied with declaring the praises of Jesus!

    Seraphs shall sing of it; angels shall harp it; the redeemed shall declare it -- "He is altogether lovely!"

    The cycles of eternity as they revolve shall only confirm the declaration of the blood-redeemed that "He is altogether lovely!"

    O that the day were here when we shall bow with them and sing with them!

    Wait a little while and do not be weary, and you shall be at your eternal home, and then you shall know that I spoke the truth, when I said that this was insufficient praise for the lovely One.

    Earth is too narrow to contain him, heaven is too little to hold him, eternity itself too short for the utterance of all his praises!

    His chariot is waiting at his door now, and he may soon come forth from his secret chambers and be among us, and oh! the glory! oh! the glory!

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