The Arminian god

    Our Heavenly Father is not foolishly pitiful, but he is pitiful. Ay, and he is better than that; he is wisely pitiful over the most erring of his children. Our God is no Arminian god; the Arminian’s god is a pitiless god to his children. He is represented as being pitiful enough to all the world, but pitiless to his own children; for, according to the teaching of some, when they sin, he cuts them out of the covenant; and if they transgress, he bundles them out of doors, tells them they are not his children any longer; and because of their transgressions, he will have it that they are none of his, and shall be damned at last, despite the fact that Christ has died for them, that the Holy Spirit has regenerated them, and that they have been justified. He casts them away from his presence, and they are to be lost for ever. He is a pitiless god, but the god of these people is no relation to our God. We do not believe in their god, nor do we fear him, nor bow before him. Our God is constant in his affection, and merciful towards his children; when they go astray, he pities all their guilt and sin.

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