Salvation is His Accomplishment, Not Mine!

    I rest secure in the fact that the salvation of others is His accomplishment, not mine. I can only imagine the unbearable pressure of holding the eternal destiny of another in my feeble hands. I would continually worry that a slip of the tongue, a poorly chosen word, or a zig instead of a zag in my approach would push someone closer to the edge of damnation. I think I would be paralyzed by the awesome consequences of failure on my part and then fail to speak a word.

    Because the sovereign control of God determines the destiny of another, I can boldly proclaim the truth without fear. I am not responsible for the salvation of people; however, my responsibilities are considerable . . . as are yours, if you are a believer. And those responsibilities are vital to the success of God’s plan. While He does not need us, He has given us a genuine stake in His redeeming the world.

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