Bless Thy People

Bless Thy people, dearest Lord,
As we hear the gospel Word;
Give Thy servant at this hour,
Words directed by Thy pow’r;
Touch our hearts and cause that we,
May be led to worship Thee.
Let us sing with words of praise,
May each heart this anthem raise;
Sing of sovereign love and grace,
Which chose out of Adam’s race;
Multitudes to know Thy name,
Sing Thy praise and spread Thy fame.
Give us ears Thy Word to hear,
Bring each soul Thy name to fear;
Teach us of the Christ who died,
Who the law has satisfied;
Stubborn wills, O Lord, subdue,
With Thy grace our hearts endue.
Speak in mighty pow’r divine,
To this wicked heart of mine;
I am needy, I confess,
Cause Thy Word, my heart to bless;
And the glory Lord shall be,
Thine throughout eternity.

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