Explain Away . . . . If You Can

    There are always many who stand ready and waiting to explain away every passage of scripture that gives God all the glory in salvation — like a lawyer trying to cast doubt in the minds of a jury as to the guilt of his client when the evidence against him has been unmistakably clear and condemning. Were it not for the Spirit of God, all people would fall victim to these blind and deceptive interpreters of scripture because their reasonings are logical and pleasing to the natural, unregenerate man's mind. Most people do readily receive their perverted distortions of what God has said but thank God, not all do. Christ said, "my sheep hear MY voice" and "a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him; for they know not the voice of strangers." Many preachers, people, and writers set forth outwardly impressing arguments against the doctrines of God's sovereign grace; but they are all like the man who used the glass hammer on the anvil. They wrest the scriptures to their own destruction and the destruction of others. So subtle and cunning is their deception and so sincere and zealous are their efforts (thinking they do God a favor) that "IF IT WERE POSSIBLE" they would deceive the very elect of God. But God gives His people an ear to hear and a heart of believe His Word. All things which glorify Him in their salvation they hold fast to. The people of God know that divine sovereignty, predestination, election, particular redemption, effectual calling, preservation and perseverance and many other God-exalting truths are not salvation. Christ is! But they know that all these truths of scripture are everywhere joined to Christ and by them God reveals and reflects the glory of His grace.

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