Off the Rails!

The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are... Luke 18:11

    The sovereign grace movement online is off the rails.  These days all I see are attacks by real and imagined sovereign grace preachers against other sovereign grace preachers and other people of various beliefs.  Many of them have gained notoriety simply by attacking others.  Polemics is their speciality, and instead of laying the straight stick of the Gospel down, they have turned to using other men's work as the basis for their work.  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to hear a sermon or read an article that starts off as a response to something some heretic wrote somewhere.  Sometimes it can be easier to take something that is false, and use that as material for a sermon, rather than simply preach the truth.  You may call that "defending" the truth, I call it a cop-out, and a cheap substitution.

   So what if some false preacher said something somewhere that you don't like?  Ignore them!  I cannot bear to hear one more attack on someone else from anyone about anything.  I only want to hear my Savior preached! I only want to hear the Gospel proclaimed!  WHO CARES if some wingnut is somewhere else on the internet spouting error and nonsense.  Shut up about it and preach Christ, and preach Him crucified!

    My promise to you is this website will not serve as a platform for men to attack other men.   I will not attack anyone without provocation.  Some may say that means I've crossed over into error and am now a compromiser.  Oh well.  Get over it.  I've discovered the best way to expose error is to simply preach the Gospel.  The best way to run goats and wolves out of the church is to preach the Gospel.    The best way to respond to all of the false doctrine is to preach the Gospel.

    Instead of attacking others who are saying something you don't like, pray for them.  Pray for their supporters.  But don't bring them more exposure by preaching against them.  It's one thing to preach against error.  It's another thing to preach against a man.  Don't link to these men on your facebook page, and then write a rebuke.   And don't be like the people that have made a god of their doctrine instead of God Himself.  Don't set yourself up as the public judge of what is a christian and who isn't.  That's not your concern anyway!

     Keep your powder dry, and don't argue with false teachers.  Don't comment on their videos or articles, or try to rally people to share in your outrage.  And please, don't be a Pharisee.  Your job as a lover of truth is to simply preach the truth, and leave it at that.  To God be the Glory!

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