Getting Older

"The hoary head is a crown of glory,if it be found in the way of righteousness" - Proverbs 16:31

    Let us correct our attitude toward getting older.  Believers must not allow the carnal thinking of this world to form our opinions and attitudes.  The reason so much emphasis is placed on youth , physical strength and beauty, riches and possession, is because this is all that the worldling has, and when these are gone, all is gone!  Actually, age, while it mars outward beauty, should bring us real lasting beauty, which is inward grace,  mercy and peace!  Age will decrease our physical strength but should increase our spiritual strength.  We grow in faith, love and patience.  Age may make our arms weaken and tremble, but it should establish us more firmly in the everlasting arms of Christ.  Age may make the present less sure, but it gives us assurance of the certainty of the future.  The consequences of sin may devastate my physical body, but my sins cannot be charged to my account and destroy me spiritually because Christ took them to the cross and paid my debt in full to God's justice.  I will always be young and beautiful in Christ because of His righteousness that justifies me and His Spirit Who indwells me!  My steps may be slower, but I walk with, and by the power of, the King of kings.  My eyes may be dimmer, but as I see less of the world,  I see more of my Lord and His beauty.   My ears may be dull, but I hear His voice more clearly in His Word.  My body may be weak, but I am stronger in the faith He has given me.  I may not know the latest story, but I know the old,old story a little better as I grow in grace and in knowledge of Christ.  I may not be surrounded by many human admirers ( which is fleeting at best ), but I'm surrounded by a heavenly host which waits to take me home to glory by God's grace in Christ. - Copied

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