Was Christ a Sinner?

    Was Christ a sinner? For many years misguided people have loved to debate this question. The answer is absolutely not! Here is a more important question. Was the sin of God’s elect literally transferred to Christ? The answer is absolutely!

    I know that no mortal man can fully understand the imputation of sin to Christ or the imputation of righteousness to God’s elect. That is just fine because our belief in substitution is not based upon what we can understand or logically explain. Our faith is based upon the Word of God. It doesn’t matter if I can understand something. The only thing that matters is what does the Word of God say?

    There is no doubt that the Word of God teaches that the sin of God’s elect was literally transferred to Christ. The Word of God says Christ, who knew no sin, was made sin (I Cor. 5:21). The Word of God says Christ redeemed His people from the curse of the law by being made a curse for them (Gal 3:13). Sin was so literally transferred to Christ that in Psalm 40:12 the Savior called the sin of His people “mine iniquities”.

    Sinners like us desperately need to be made righteous. Our only hope of being made righteous is Christ being made sin for us. The imputation of righteousness to God’s elect is only as real as the imputation of sin to Christ. I can only be made truly righteous if Christ truly took my sin and put it away with the blood of His sacrifice.

    This glorious truth cannot be understood by worms like us. It can only be believed by God given faith. God give us faith to quit debating and start believing!

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