A Brief Review of Genesis

    I just finished reading the book of Genesis and I can certainly say that it is a gem among gems. It is beautiful and has the Gospel all over it. The stories of the patriarch Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are wonderful. The Gospel shines even in the earliest pages and even at the fall.

  • JESUS comes to Adam and Eve and covers them with skin of an animal (The blood of the lamb) and saw them as clothed (Gen 3:21).
  • The Ark of Noah as the Ark of salvation, the water as sin, the Ark as his rescue (Gen 6).
  • The blessing of Melchizedek, bringing the bread and wine (body and blood) and blessing Abraham (Gen 14:17-19).
  • And many more pictures of the Gospel. Jesus himself, pre-incarnated, comes many times in this book to the saints (Gen 18:1-4, 3:8, 24:62-63, 35:9 etc). These pictures show that the son of God always was (John 1:1-3).

    One of my favorite verses from this book is Gen 50:20. This passage reaffirms the doctrine of the Divine Council God has over all things. “you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good, in order to save many people,” which is a perfect picture of the Gospel and God‘s Divine Predestination.

    I still say I know nothing about the book of Genesis historically, whether the book of Enoch, or other apocryphal texts can help us with it is up for debate. However, I do know that Christ is pictured throughout the book. And if you have been given the eyes to see, you shall see that “All wisdom comes from the Lord and is with Him forever."

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