All Things, Every Single One

All things, every single one,
Are under God's control
He works them all for good,
For those who love His goal

There is no chance or luck,
No accident or fate
All things are planned by God,
It's His will that we await

He uses all things for His glory,
And for our good as well
He's working to conform us,
To the image of Christ to dwell

So let us trust in His purpose,
In all that comes our way
For He is good and sovereign,
And His love will never stray

He's given us all things,
To use for His great fame
Let us seek to glorify Him,
In all that we do and say

For all things are for our sake,
To bring us to His side
Let us rest in His promise,
And in His love abide.

Topics: Brandan's Poetry
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