Simple Faith in Christ, the Only Way

The Gospel brings such joy to my heart,
TULIP or "Calvinism" sets me apart.
Assurance that I'm one of the elect,
Christ's blood shed for me, I reflect.

Through ups and downs on my journey,
Highs unimaginable, lows so scary.
But a continuing sadness lingers,
Neo-gnosticism spreading like fingers.

Pretenders and heresy hunters abound,
On the internet, their vitriol unbound.
Neo-gnostics worship knowledge attained,
Substituting love for God, to their shame.

Knowledge of God, the Gospel, all good,
Confessional, absolutely understood.
But high grace predestinarian neo-gnosticism,
Works righteousness, insidious in its prism.

Contending for imputed righteousness and atonement,
Yet worshiping knowledge, their greatest achievement.
They condition salvation on the attainment of knowledge,
Ignoring sweet fellowship with Christ, in their college.

Telltale signs of a neo-gnostic abound,
Exact articulation of Gospel, simple faith not found.
Referring to individuals as "saved" or "lost",
Ironically, their thinking still arminian, at great cost.

Denying justification from eternity,
Common wrath, they teach, in their fraternity.
Logical implications of error, their creed,
Focusing on pointing out error, not building up indeed.

Glorying in their ability to point out error,
Internet memes, signs, attire, their mirror.
Lack of gentleness, kindness, and desire for assembly,
Confrontational and combative, no edification, it's empty.

Glorying in knowledge, love and joy denied,
True faith replaced by cognition, a dangerous tide.
Conditioning salvation upon knowledge attained,
Child-like faith in Christ, they've profaned.

High grace predestinarian neo-gnosticism,
Warmed over arminianism, no distinction.
Looking to knowledge, not Christ, a great deception,
Resting in Him, the true Gospel believer's perception.

In the end, experience, gifts, and knowledge,
Not enough if they lead us away from His college.
Simple faith in Christ, the only way,
To walk in His light and not go astray.

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