I Don't Know, but I'll Seek the Way
The mysteries of life, the secrets untold,
Belong to the One who created the world.
The Lord our God, who reigns on high,
Knows all things, beyond our eye.
But for us, the revealed things are clear,
For us and our brethren, year after year.
To follow the words of the Gospel we've been given,
To live a life pleasing to the Lord of heaven.
Yet how often do we claim to know it all,
When asked a question, we refuse to fall.
Pride takes hold, and we can't admit,
We don't have the answer, not one bit.
Oh, let us have the courage to say,
"I don't know, but I'll seek the way."
To humbly admit, we don't have a clue,
And be open to learning something new.
For speaking the truth in love is key,
To generate trust, and honesty.
Let's not perpetuate falsehoods galore,
But admit when we don't know, and seek for more.
So the next time you're asked a question deep,
And you don't know the answer, don't lose sleep.
Just say, "I don't know," and leave it there,
For the Lord holds the secrets, and all truths will be made clear.
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