Real Grace

     Most preachers are preaching against sin without declaring the true nature and character of God,and it just comes out as do’s and do not’s and decisions and reformations. The whole process is merely peripheral.

     Their message reaches only to that which they have done, and consequently, that which THEY can change. They have never seen what they are and that which NO MAN can change. Such religion breeds self-righteousness and makes converts who DO NOT NEED the full, free justifying righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Just give them a plan, a proposition, a few things to do, a few rules to follow, a few commandments to keep, and they rest very comfortably. You will hear them talking about grace, but all the while they are thinking about what THEY have done or are doing; and this is contrary to grace!

     True grace brings a true knowledge of God, a true knowledge of self (sin) and leaves the sinner’s attention focused upon true righteousness through the doing and the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ, righteousness which is obtained through faith alone – a sinner trusting Christ.

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