The Work of The Sovereign Spirit

     Believing the gospel is not an easy or small thing. The message of salvation altogether by grace based upon the merits and work of the Son of God is offensive to the natural man because it declares his inability to save himself. It proclaims that redemption has been obtained, reconciliation has been accomplished and righteousness has been brought in for all of God’s people by the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. When God the Holy Spirit comes to a spiritually dead sinner, He finds in that poor soul nothing with which to work. The sinner’s mind is enmity against God, his heart is as an adamant stone toward the truth and his will is set in opposition against the divine will. The Spirit must quicken the dead, break down the rebellion, convince of sin, grant repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord must seal upon the heart and conscience of the newly regenerated sinner that blessed truth that he or she stands accepted before a holy God solely upon the ground of the bloody sacrifice of the glorious Redeemer. What but the work of the sovereign Spirit could bring a needy sinner to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ?

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