To See Christ

     If a minister compromises the message of grace and the gospel of our Lord Jesus, we begin to search for reasons. If a prominent church member becomes entangled in the world, business, or any number of interests which take him away from the fellowship or causes him to neglect things spiritual, we begin to search for reasons. One might produce a variety of reasons for this departure from Christ and strong attraction to the flesh, but there is ONE CHIEF REASON--THIS PERSON HAS NEVER SEEN CHRIST JESUS, OUR LORD! He has never beheld, in his heart, the great glory, beauty, and sufficiency of Christ. The Lord Jesus has never become to him, "My beloved" As Solomon said, "I am by beloved's and my beloved is mine" (Song of Sol. 6:3). John said, "He that SEETH THE SON and believeth on Him hath eternal life " (Jn 6:40). To see Christ as He is, is to lose interest in all others! To see Christ as the ultimate joy, peace, rest, and glory is to cease from all other works and pursuits and enter His rest. To see Christ as God's only anointed Redeemer, complete Saviour, and effectual atonement is to trust Him and Him alone to save and keep us. To see even the REPROACH of Christ to be greater riches than all the treasures of this world is to walk away from them with no regrets and never look back! To even look back is to perish with Lot's wife. But he that seeth the Son knows that nothing back there is worth comparing to Him!

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