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Ex 35:5, (GILL), Take ye from amongst you an offering unto the Lord,.... That is, they were to take a part of their substance, of what they were possessed of, every man according to his ability, out of what he had in his hand that was suitable, and present it as a freewill offering to the Lord, for the use of the tabernacle to be built, and the service of it:

whosoever is of a willing heart; that is, of a generous and liberal disposition:

let him bring it, an offering of the Lord; or an offering to him, otherwise not; if brought niggardly and grudgingly it would not be acceptable, for God loves a willing and cheerful giver:

gold, silver, and brass: here and in the four following verses, the several things are particularly mentioned, which would be wanted in building the tabernacle, and in the service of it, and therefore would be acceptable; and they being exactly the same, and delivered in the same words and in the same order as in Ex 25:3 the reader is referred to the notes there. See Gill on "Ex 25:3".See Gill on "Ex 25:4".See Gill on "Ex 25:5".See Gill on "Ex 25:6".See Gill on "Ex 25:7".

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