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Acts 21:20-25, (LITV)
20  And hearing, they glorified the Lord, and said to him, You see, brother, how many myriads there are of Jews that have believed, and all are zealous ones of the Law.
21  And they were informed about you, that you teach falling away from Moses, telling all the Jews throughout the nations not to circumcise their children, nor to walk in the customs.
22  What then is it? At all events, a multitude must come together, for they will hear that you have come.
23  Then do this, what we say to you: There are four men who have a vow on themselves;
24  taking these, be purified with them, and be at expense on them, that they may shave the head. And all shall know that all what they have been told about you is nothing, but you yourself walk orderly, keeping the Law.
25  And as to the believing nations, we joined in writing, judging them to observe no such thing, except to keep themselves from both idol sacrifice, and the blood, and a thing strangled, and from fornication.

John Gill Commentary

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