Pristine Grace

Acts 24:1-14, (LITV)
1  And after five days Ananias the high priest came down with the elders, and a certain orator, Tertullus, who made a statement to the governor against Paul.
2  And Tertullus being called, he began to accuse, saying,
3  Obtaining much peace through you and excellent accomplishments having come to this nation due to your forethought, in everything and everywhere we accept with all thankfulness, most excellent Felix.
4  But that I not hinder you more, I beseech you to hear us briefly in your fairness.
5  For having found this man pestilent and moving insurrection among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the Nazarene sect;
6  who also attempted to profane the temple, whom we also seized and wished to judge according to our law;
7  but Lysias the chiliarch coming up with much force took him away out of our hands,
8  commanding his accusers to come to you, from whom you will be able yourself to know, having examined as to all these things of which we accuse him.
9  And the Jews also joined in, alleging these things to be so.
10  But the governor signaling to him to speak, Paul answered: Understanding you as being a judge to this nation many years, I cheerfully defend myself as to the things concerning myself.
11  You are able to know that not more than twelve days are to me since I went worshiping in Jerusalem;
12  and neither did they find me reasoning with anyone in the temple, or making a gathering of a crowd, neither in the synagogues, nor throughout the city;
13  nor are they able to prove that concerning which they now accuse me.
14  But I confess this to you that according to the Way, which they say is a sect, so I worship the ancestral God believing all things according to that having been written in the Law and the Prophets,

John Gill Commentary

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