Pristine Grace

Prov 18:1-24, (MKJV)
1  He that separates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound wisdom.
2  A fool has no delight in understanding, but only that his heart may lay itself bare.
3  When the wicked comes, scorn also comes, and with shame comes reproach.
4  The words of a man's mouth are like deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is like a flowing stream.
5   It is not good to favor the person of the wicked, nor to overthrow the righteous in judgment.
6  A fool's lips enter into argument, and his mouth calls for strokes.
7  A fool's mouth is his destruction, and his lips are the snare of his soul.
8  The words of a talebearer are as wounds, and they go down into the innermost parts of the belly.
9  Also he who is slack in his work is brother to a great destroyer.
10  The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.
11  The rich man's wealth is his strong city, and as a high wall in his own mind.
12  Before shattering, the heart of man is proud, and before honor is humility.
13  If one answers a matter before he hears, it is folly and shame to him.
14  The spirit of a man will nourish his sickness, but a wounded spirit who can bear?
15  The heart of the prudent gets knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
16  A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men.
17  The first in his cause seems just, but his neighbor comes and searches him.
18  The lot causes arguments to cease, and divides between the mighty.
19  A brother offended is like a strong city; and their disagreements are like the bars of a fortress.
20  A man's belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; he shall be satisfied with the product of his lips.
21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it shall eat the fruit of it.
22   Whoever finds a wife finds good and gets favor from the LORD.
23  The poor speaks humble requests, but the rich answers roughly.
24  A man who has friends may be broken up, but there is a Lover who sticks closer than a brother.

John Gill Commentary

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