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11-04-01, 11:25 PM
The vast majority out there, are sheep who condition themselves to be religions without ever really questioning it too much, because their brain realizes that being religious, (or "fitting in" with society) is obviously much easier than being different, and since humans are programmed to live in a society, their brains react to this, closing themselves to new ideas and beliefs outside of things that primarily beinifit the society (instinct) and secondarily benifit themselves (personal choice).

By ALL MEANS believe in a higher creature or something, BY ALL MEANS...but worshipping "god" for the main reason that "everyone else does it, must be true" is not aways the best decision, dont you agree?

11-05-01, 09:12 AM
HOWEVER...although a pretty good majority of people do believe in "God" (or "A" god), not all of these people worship the true God, not all of these people are commited to Christianity or any other specific belief system.

I would say that true, sincere Christians are the minority and are doing it out of loyalty to God, belief, and sincerity of heart...definitely not to "fit in".

When you look at the persecution of christians in some countries, the joking and rude comments in America, the false stereotypes made...they can't be christians cause it is "cool".

11-05-01, 11:35 AM

I agree with you. Most people who call themselves christians are just sheep that have no idea why they believe what they do or reinvent Christianity to fit what they want it to say. For example the so called christians that reject that Jesus is ONLy way to God. That is just pure distortion of the Christian message. I think that a lot of people, and we see this in celebrities ver plainly, just use religion like you said they do. Basically it is cool to be religous but not Christian. I mean it is cool to hold religous values as long as you accept everyone elses as equally as valid as yours. So real Christianity is not cool but a veneer of the religion of Christianity while rejecting some of its main doctrines is cool.

11-05-01, 12:02 PM
After saying all I did during the last post still I would also have to say that it is not just Christians who do not understand what they believe but just follow somone else but also Buddhists, muslims, and even Athiests to name a few do so also. Basically what I a msaying is that mst people are just sheep whatever religion they are or if they are not religous. It takes guts to step out and say "this is what I believe and I believe" and believe it after doing a nonpartial search of the evidences which most peole do not have.

11-05-01, 05:03 PM
You're quite right, there are people of ALL religions who fall into this catagory...

11-05-01, 11:25 PM
and people with no religion. Or people who feel there is no God. I take questions all day from people about our system. I get all races, creeds, colors, etc.. What I have found out dring my time on the job is that most people want someone else to think for them. You see it now. i am sure you will see much more the older you get. People are just naturally lazy. Ther eare the precious few who think and the precious few who act. the rest just follow. look at the best seller list. Most are just books with no substance. And that goes for fiction and nonfiction.

So i think we are all in agreement here. People tend t onot want to think and those people come from all walks of life and all theological persuasions. It is not just a Christian or religous thing it is a human problem. many athiests are the same. Tehy let Russel or a developers of a web page think for them. Not that you can't get good information from different sources but we all know the types that do not think through what the group that they prescribe to says to them.


11-06-01, 08:56 AM
I think that people have a tendency towards comfort. It is comfortable and easy to have the truth told to you. It seems to me that most of us simply accept what we were taught as young people. We also tend to believe what people that we trust tell us without questioning them. So if I trust my parents and they then tell me that god is real, I will tend to believe them. Of course most of us rebel as teenagers and question a lot of things, but we frequently don't have the resources or background to ask the questions that need asking. We often fall back on what we were told by those we trust. In the strictest view of the word brainwashing, we brainwash our children when we teach them most anything. They are our captive audience, they are dependent on us for everything, and there are restrictions/disciplines imposed for non-conformance. The bottom line is that a lot of conditioning happens and religious beliefs certainly can fall into this category.

11-06-01, 09:34 AM
People's comfort level can be extended to self-preservation. In a society that looks down on non-conformance, those who think differently will naturally want to be accepted in the larger group and not be ostracized. Some parts of the world impose the death penalty for not toeing the party line. Fortunately, more and more people are recognizing the inequities that organized religion imposes on it's followers. Read the following article to see what I mean.