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11-07-01, 12:25 AM
Hey guys, im 15 and new here, i was introduced here by corbin, anyway, all i really wanted to ask was, when did you guys here become as religous as yous are now...

i mean, i definetly feel that my faith in the Lord has grown as i have grown older, but im wondering, when did you guys officially become sort of, fully, 100% dedicated Christians??

11-07-01, 12:38 AM
Dskmn :

Welcome. I think that for me there was 2 different times. When i was young i definitely was a Christian. But as a teenager i started to become less innocent. When i was almost a juior in High school is when i came back. i think i was a Christian between these times but i was not living it. I think the difference between the 2 times was the later time it was more of my beliefs and not so affected by my parents decision. At the time i came back they did not require that i go to church. They basically let me decide what religion i was going to believe. I do not know if that was the best way of doing it but it worked. So to answer your question i think it was the summer after my sophmore year. I went on a missin trip becase of where we were going (antigua) but the preperation for the trip and the trip itself chamged my life.


11-07-01, 12:50 AM
really?? could you tell us what happened on this trip??

11-07-01, 12:59 AM
tomorrow i will. But for now i will say that I was around Christians and God used them to rub off on me.

11-07-01, 05:44 AM
Well I am not Christian, but I will tell you how I became an Athiest:p

My dad is an Athiest, and my mom is a Christian. As I grew up, my mom raised me as a catholic. My dad kept his mouth shut the entire time, allowing me to get baptised, and allowing my mom to force her religion upon me, as I was only 5 years old.

My grandpa, (on my dad's side) is a very vocal Atheist, and has written several books on the subject, ("Who's Pulling Your Strings Anyways"). Anyways, my grandpa disagreed with my mom teching me christianity, and thought that I should be shown other religions and be introduced to the concepts of atheism. This was when I was 11 years old.

My grandpa had me over to his house often, and we would discuss our thoughts on religion and atheism. The greatly broadened my veiw of things. I looked at things from a whole new perspective after that year. As you can imagine, my mother wasn't too happy about this. she wanted complete control over me, and wanted to make sure she imposed her religion into me. My grandpa was of the opposite thoughts. He wanted to make sure that what he told me was not percieved as "the truth", and he encouraged me to read several books written by many different authors.

These books that I read were all completley different. Some of the books said how "Jesus" and "God" were the only way, and others talked about the beliefs of other religions. There were also books on atheism, which really opened my eyes.

I continued reading books on religion and atheism up until age 13. By now, I had a very, very different perspective on life in general. I looked at every situation differently than I did before. Then last year, I began to join online chat groups, message boards, and mailing lists. I always am careful to read everyone's point of veiw, and make sure that I never close my mind to new information.

My awareness is always evolving, and I will change my perspective on things several times. But, right now at least, I believe I am making the right desicion.

11-07-01, 09:48 AM
You sound like me a year ago, and I'm 32. It's amazing how opening yourself up to different points of view change what you believe. No wonder the church commands their flock not to question or associate with unbelievers. They would completely lose their influence over them if they really knew the whole story. I grew up in a Christian household and became very fundamentalist before realizing that nearly ALL religion is just superstition. Keep your mind open and you will always have the upper hand. ;)


11-07-01, 03:48 PM

I said last night that I would relate what occurred on the mission trip the summer after my sophomore year and why these events changed me. First let me go back a little ways and give you the setting. I grew up in a Christian household. My parents while I was young forced my brother and I to go to church. I thought it was boring.

Later, it must have been when I was in middle school; they let me choose whether or not I would go to church. I chose not to go. I still believed in God but I really could care less about what He thought or really about Him at all. When I was in the 8th grade a friend of mine asked me to go to his church's youth group. It was a large church with a large youth group and there were many kids there. Lots of them were girls so I kept on going. I rededicated my life to god at the 8th grade youth camp but quickly went back to my old ways of sin. I cursed worse than a sailor. I think every sentence just about had at least one in it. Also I was drinking some with another friend of mine that lived close by. I was basically going down a dark path.
Now years past. I believed in God but I did not really care about Him. However when they said that the mission trip for the summer after my sophomore year was going to be to Antigua I jumped at the chance to go. We had weekly meeting just about until it was Summer then we had maybe 2 meetings a week then like the week before we met everyday. What did we do at these meetings? Prepare for the puppet shows, stories and other things that we were going to do for the kids and also for the adults at night. Now I should tell you that I did not curse while at church or with my friends there And you know that I was at church very often that Summer. It was like the day or so before we were going to leave when I noticed I had stopped cursing. I think that was just a breaking of a habit but it was a good habit to break.
On the trip I saw God move and work. He worked in the lives of the Antiguan kids and adults and the lives of the other students and me. God touched me in the heart that trip. It is funny I signed up for the trip because of the place but we barely got to enjoy the beach or other island interests. What I look back and remember most is the kids and how God touched my life. You asked what happened on the trip that made it a life-changing trip? I can't give you specifics. I guess I look at it like someone who just climbed a tall mountain. They look at the view and it is life changing. They can't tell you exactly why but it is. If you or anyone else want to know more about it just ask. God has a way of pulling you to Him if you just ask Him. He won't force you to come to Him but if you want to He will make sure that you will. Jesus is Lord and the only one worthy to be praised.

11-08-01, 01:48 AM
Thanks for replying blackhaw...

11-08-01, 01:52 AM
Keep your mind open and you will always have the upper hand.

I agree :D

11-09-01, 06:06 PM
Hi questian,
Hey real quick question what type of church were you brought up in? Also did you attend a private christian school as a kid at anytime?
Sorry if you have posted this anywhere else on the boards I just did not see it if you have.