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Dr. Szo
12-31-01, 07:54 PM
Near-Death experience and the current research being done can lend itself toward helping the cause of Christianity, specifically, that there is life after death as Jesus taught.

Read this interview with Cardiologist, Dr. Pim Van Lommel of his research on 355 patients and what he has to say about it:

After the above, if you wish to read the results of his medical research on the work, it was publish in "The Lancet Medical Journal:"

You'll have to register first to read the research results. But it's free. After registering, simply type in the doctor's name in the search window provided, Pim Van Lommel, and find the link which begins with "NDE's" is the article---(stands for Near-Death Experiencers), which should be the top most link.

What do you think the modern Christian church is afraid of ?

01-01-02, 07:53 AM
When a man or woman, is not redeemed, does not know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and has no desire to serve Him, undergoes a NDE, and comes back still not fearing death - there is something very wrong.

What message does this give them, and the countless millions who hear of their experiences and have no desire to submit their hearts to Christ?

The message is:

you do NOT need Jesus, to go to heaven. You do not need to be born again, to enter glory. You do not need the covering of the blood of the Lamb, to die and find yourself in a joyful place.

This message, completely contradicts the written Word, 100%.

From the very first time I ever heard of NDE's, and read Betty Edie's book "Embraced by the Light", as an unsaved person myself, but KNOWING what the Bible said about going to heaven, I knew something was wrong there.

Since then, I have read countless testimonies and articles of personal accounts of NDE's, and the message from the people involved is ALWAYS the same - one of a "universal love" and going on to a glorious place, with joy and acceptance, peace and harmony - and IF Jesus is mentioned, which is rare, He is spoken of as some type of generic spokesperson for the life beyond, and not hailed as the express image of God, at ALL.

What a perfect deception... and the world has bought it, hook... line... and sinker.

God's will be done.

01-01-02, 09:49 AM

I too remember that book, "Embraced by the Light", reading it as an unregenerate soul, and being deceived by it for a few years....


Dr. Szo
01-02-02, 05:02 PM
For the sake of duscussion, I'll argue this topic from the perspective of NDE's.

Many NDE's sexperience the presence of an ALL LOVING light and nurturing presence which they encounter upon such an experience. I would say that this loving presence is the light of Christ who has taken away the sins of the world, and that he is doing a work here.

First, let's consider the following: Many NDE's, after their experience, have been transformed from unbelievers to believers, and have changed their lives because of it. I read of one case, for example, a surgeon, who experienced his own NDE when his heart stopped on the operating table. He died, his doctor said, for several minutes. After the experience, this surgeon, who had been an athiest, became a believer of Christ and God. Therefore, who's is to say that God is not at work here? Some may argue that the devil also appears as a light. This is true. But the devil could not represent himself in the light and love that only Christ can emanate, otherwise, the devil would be a house devided against his own kingdom. For in the case example of the renewed surgeon, the devil would have only succeeded in turning this man to Christ rather than against him.

So is it as clear a deception as was argued by Christ__Alone?

Just think for a moment. Up to now, medical science and psychiatrists have been saying that there is nothing beyond the physical. Because of them, many who would have been believers have instesd become believers in science rather than God. Science and technology has been the new religion, it has brought the comforts of the world to people, and religion has not. Science has defied God in many respects. It is science that says, "If you think there is a God? Well prove it!"

The NDE experience could very well be God's way of saying to science, "Listen, you think you have all the answers, well if you believe that, here's a little problem for your science to solve; but you won't be able to solve without me."

Do we then decide to limit God's creative approach to catching man in his own craftiness, and that the NDE experience has no purpose in God's plan?

Dr. Szo