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01-16-02, 06:54 PM
I'm currently writing an online book about the Christian response to the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo.
This was the cult that put sarin on the Tokyo subway in 1995, that taught that its guru was "Christ" (he definitely was not), and that said that armageddon would come in September 1999, among other false teachings, abusive practices and murderous acts.
As this cult, under its new name "Aleph," is once again attracting members:( and as it will have a new "guru," Fumihiro Joyu, it bears watching.
An especially alarming part of its "activitites" is its appeals to scientists and the otaku to become members.

I could really use some help here. Does anyone know about the activities of the Aum/Aleph cult, its doctrinal or sociological practices, or anything else relevant?

01-16-02, 07:07 PM
Hi Susan,

I'm not an expert on cults, but I know who is. Matt Slick is the premier guy on the internet to talk to about cults....

You can find him at http://www.carm.org

There are forums there, and I'm sure he'll respond to your e-mails...

- Brandan

01-16-02, 08:16 PM
I've already checked out the CARM site, nothing useful about Aum/Aleph.
However, sites I have found very useful are Apologetics Index and the Japanese Associated Press (Kyodo) English articles, as well as Watchman Fellowship. AI and WF are both Christian, Kyodo is secular.
Thanks for the help anyway!
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Those sites were very helpful. Although I wish the first page had a different name. I cannot put it in my list of "go-to" sites because its listing comes up "Aum Shinrikyo," and if someone gets into my computer they might think it is a link to the cult site:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
and mistake me for someone plotting terror rather than an innocent writer.
You can't be too careful nowadays. A man in New York was arrested and detained a week for allegedly owning an "aircraft communications radio," the radio wasn't even his. It belonged to someone else.:(

01-19-02, 09:26 AM
Hello Susan:

Heres anpther one http://www.religioustolerance.org/dc_aumsh.htm

I Like this web site it has a lot for you to consider and gives great insight into what happens , but as with any site you must
read very carefully.

02-13-02, 04:02 AM
As there has been no new information posted here about Aum/Aleph or related issues within the last 3 weeks, I wish to close this forum. Anyone who wants to join me in praying for the salvation of Aum cultists/ex-cultists can visit "A Lost Soul Who Sinned Horribly" in Prayer Requests.
A BIG thank you to all who participated, especially since I was able to find the corrections to some errors in a text I was heavily quoting in my history section, on a site linked to one of your linked sites.

I now request that this forum be removed so that I may start a new and more productive one in its place.
:) :) :) :) :) :D

02-13-02, 09:16 AM
Susan, let's leave it here for the time being. Other people can access the information that way.


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I do wish to warn onlookers that all the information here is from secular sources, some which are also religious pluralists who do not believe Aum/Aleph to have been or currently be the cult that it is.
I totally disagree with that.
Aum/Aleph was terroristic, was/is dangerous, and is thoroughly evil. Asahara was an antichrist in every sense of the word.
Go to this site
and click on the entries with a blue box beside them for a more accurate Christian viewpoint. Also this site features secular journalists' articles (the pink/purple box beside the link) which give a much more accurate actual portrait of Aum and Aleph practices than those of the secular journalists who agreed or sympathized with Aum featured in some articles here.
For an accurate and more concise assessment, albeit a secular one, the link featured on page one for The Terrorism Files is one of the best one-page (two if you count the linked article on anthrax) articles on Aum.