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Read for a balanced perspective. ;)

01-18-02, 03:14 AM
George Muller is a very interesting person. Supposedly, he decided to depend upon God alone to provide their needs. He carried it to the extent that he would not give definite answers to inquiries as to whether or not they were in need of money at any particular moment. At the time of need, there would always seem to be funds available from some source, both in regards to his private income, and to the funds for his vast projects. No matter how pressing was the need, George simply renewed his prayers, and either money or food always came in time to save the situation.

To me, that sounds very suspicious, what do you think? Do you believe him completley?

01-18-02, 03:35 AM
R u talking abt the orphanage guy?

anyway, sounds to me like this person had deep revelation knowledge of
Jehovah Jireh - The Lord who is more than enough.

I dont find that suspicious. Its not uncommon. :)

01-18-02, 04:33 AM
R u talking abt the orphanage guy?

Yes I am.

I dont find that suspicious. Its not uncommon.

Yes accually it's extremely uncommon. There is absolutley no solid evidence to support his extrodinary claims.

In the past, the media often twisted and distorted information if it was convienient. The media portrayed George Washington as the patriotic, noble, first president of the United States. In fact, John Henson was the first president. After that, followed 6 other presidents before Washington!

I'm just saying that I wouldn't believe everything you read about the good deeds of Gearge Muller. I'm sure he has more than his share of skeletons in his closet.

01-18-02, 10:11 AM
Andrew, Thinks for the links. I looked over a little bit already, and will read more thoroughly as time permits. Probably tonight.

01-21-02, 09:32 AM
What's your point Andrew & whom are you accusing? Since you already alluded to me as a heresy hunter in my question"what is false doctrine?", I guess you are referring to those of us who pondered the question. I read one of the sites you posted & see no correlation between my motive for the truth, & the motive of the heresy hunters in your posting. I have no planned tactics. Actually, what I see is your strong objection to anyone who disagrees with any member of wof. I didnt even know what wof was, until I went to that website defending it's wof religion. I will tell you this truth:there is no "religion" that is blameless. BE it rcc,pentecostal,wof,etc. What I am interested in is the truth,according to scripture. What is true Christianity is not any religion, but one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ, in whom I will defend His truth.

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I simply said "Read for a balanced perspective". The first link is a good article, and i'm just sharing it here. So relax, I'm not accusing anyone, and that is the actual title of the article. ;)