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05-07-08, 04:20 AM
In the early 90s, there I ran a bulletin board which I named "The Hot Connection". It served everyone in Washington County with message board functionality. At the time, chat was enabled. As a "SYSOP", I could break into chat with anyone that dialed into my computer. It lasted until 1998 after I converted it to the web and then I killed the project.

In late 1997, bornagain.net was created. It started off as an IRC (internet relay chat) server. It was very popular and I later added message board capabilities to the website to supplement the chat. It was arminian / dispensational to the core, not to mention the quality of chat was very poor.

In 2001, 5solas.org started and replaced bornagain.net. I made a very unpopular decision at the time and killed the very popular chat server. I made the decision that all discussions would take place on the web where one could take time to compose their thoughts. I was interested in learning, not playing around on a computer talking about nonsense. Most left. But many arminians stayed around on the calvinist discussion forum and caused havoc. It caused me to stop writing my own bulletin board software and purchase a package that was regularly maintained by a development group (vbulletin - october 2001).

I've ALWAYS wanted to add chat back into 5solas / P-Net. But I did not want to take away from the important discussions we have on the forum. I wanted the forum to be the center of all discussion. And today, I believe we have that. I want it to stay that way. With the forum, we all take turns expressing our thoughts and ideas, and they are much more intelligent than most chats.

I believe this community is mature enough to handle full chat without turning into a mindless AOL chat room where people play with smilies all day long. I also believe chat can greatly improve the interactivity we all have with each other. And I believe chat can be more than just simple text - but can include VOICE and VIDEO. Well, that's what we are implementing and have already implemented to a degree. Technology is much cheaper than even a year ago, and it makes this possible.

Instant messaging is here, and it is what will make group chat possible. We are going to have a full blown paltalk style chat room on this site very soon. You don't have to use it, but you will probably like it very much. Video and voice make chat on the internet so much better, and when we can TALK about God and His predestinating Grace online at the same time with voice interactivity, it will really make P-Net great.

This website isn't just a forum. It's a NETWORK of Predestinarians. We come here to meet each other, to learn from each other, to be edified by one another. This is done primarily in the forum, but it can now be done via voice and video. The future is here, and it's only going to get better.

Some have requested the ability to contribute above and beyond their subscription fees. It's not necessary, but it helps me out a lot. If you would like contribute to this project, you can always shoot a few bucks my way at paypal.com - (admin@predestinarian.net).

Everyone, enjoy the each other in Christ!


05-07-08, 01:26 PM
It's installed. Have fun everyone! http://www.predestinarian.net/?page=chat

05-07-08, 02:16 PM
Thanks Brandan so much for this! I am very excitied about all the new features. You've put a lot of effort into this and its wonderful! its a great social network, its awesome to communicate about theology in the forum, to be able to talk on chat, to be able to blog about our lives and whats important to us. It's really quite amazing. There's so many wonderful things to do here. We can learn about Christ, and the True Gospel, we can ask theological questions. We can get to know new people, and find friends here.. and continue that relationship on the phone and meeting in person. We can be connected to brethren more now than ever before.. dont have to travel to find brethren like in the old days, and we are so scattered now that there are hardly many brethren near us. So this is just amazing! And its exactly what God wants.. He has determined for all of this to happen. And I am very thankful for it literally changed my life.. I first confessed my belief in the True Gospel here, I found friends who care about me, and that I've even met in person! I can feel safe here.. and loved unconditionally. I know that no one will look down upon me if I mess up, but will forgive me. I know this isn't a "physical" church but to me it is church, it is better than anywhere I have ever gone in my area. It's a blessing to me, and Im so thanful to the Lord for this place. I know as some say its "just a forum" but to me its a means of building relationships, and ONE ANOTHERING in the Lord.. carrying each others burdens, caring for each other, building each other up in Christ... praise the Lord!! Its amazing. I cant say that enough.

Thanks so much! God bless you and your family.

05-08-08, 05:46 AM
The chat room is pretty cool. Everything seems to be working well in the chat. I already had a microphone so I went out yesterday morning and picked up a web cam at Wal-Mart. It only cost me 20 bucks. I have talked with Brandan and with Scott so far. I am looking forward to talking with others here on P-Net.

Great job Brandan. I believe that the chat room is a great addition to P-Net. It will also be a great place to have group meetings with audio, video and type.

05-08-08, 09:43 AM
Here is a a user manual for instant messaging...

05-08-08, 03:52 PM
Yeah, it's super-cool in my books. Super fly super-cool. I would really suggest giving it a shot.

I understand how people can be on camera, with mics in their face - it just makes some people feel uncomfortable. We all have moments where we tend to be a little self-conscious but don't let that stop you...

Don't be shy come check it out. :)

It's a great way to finally come face to face with your Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, whom, under normal circumstances, you would probably never get the chance to meet. If John (Calvinator) can spend an hour or two looking at my block head, I'm sure the rest of you should be pretty easy on his eyes. :D

Best of all, it's free! Well, "free-ish" (aside from the cost of purchasing the software and a couple of other technical things).

It's a good thing we have here. I'm hoping together we can make the best use of it.

See you soon,


05-08-08, 03:56 PM
Best of all, it's free! Well, "free-ish" (aside from the cost of purchasing the software and a couple of other technical things).


Hey it sounds like your promoting free-willism:D; just kidding Scott
I agree it's pretty cool

05-08-08, 04:11 PM
Hey it sounds like your promoting free-willism:D; just kidding Scott
I agree it's pretty cool

You can use it freely, according to your nature. :D

05-09-08, 05:47 AM
To help cover the costs of the chat software, please consider donating... (your donations are not tax deductible). I know I told some people that we have 1000 GB avail bandwidth per month. I was mistaken. We only have 150 GB, and right now we're burning about 5 GB per day. We may need to upgrade to the 1000 GB plan - I'll let you all know.

Use this to donate.


05-09-08, 06:39 AM
There is a HOTKEY you can press to talk while in the chat room. On an apple, that key is "Command (the apple key)". I think it's CTRL on windows. You might want to check that.

05-10-08, 04:28 PM
So I tried out my mic and webcam last night with Dustin! It was so cool! Hey actaully even through aim instant messenger where I normally have to type, I just talked into my mic! It was SO AWESOME! I cant believe I hadn't gotten this stuff before. my webcam quality is not that hot, but it works for now. The headset with mic is pry the coolest thing. :) Im so stoked!!! I cant wait for conferences to come in and listen in the chat room, and discuss theology and all. That'd be so tight!

But Hey I have a question with private chat one is it really private or do you spy on our conversations? Just curious because I love the features, much better than yahoo and such, yahoo freezes all the time, so does aim when using voice and video. Not like I have anything to hide.. just curious. And two I cant seem to get the mic to work in it, what do we have to do? I checked that voice box, but Dustin never could here me with that.. he could here me in regular chat room though.

05-10-08, 04:32 PM
But Hey I have a question with private chat one is it really private or do you spy on our conversations? No, I don't spy on conversations.

05-10-08, 04:39 PM
No, I don't spy on conversations. Ah okay cool.. hey but what about the voice not working in the private instant messages? Was I doing something wrong?


ps: Thanks for all of this its amazing! I wish I could help you out financially but right now I cant, my dad controls my finances and is helping me get bcak up on my feet. So someday tho...