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05-27-08, 04:34 AM
Our first conference center meeting will be on Sunday, June 1 @ 8 PM Central. The topic will be "Introductions".

We plan on having a weekly meeting every Sunday evening at this time and these meetings will approximately 1-2 hours.

We will try to record all meetings and make them available for download in case you can't be there.

- Brandan

06-02-08, 06:26 AM

06-02-08, 04:37 PM
OK, we had a great meeting, click the link to download it. I learned a lot.

1) Chat software is buggy. I think we fixed it - upgraded software last night that was supposed to fix a lot of the bugs... We'll find out next Sunday evening.

2) I apologize for the recording. I'll make sure that next week it will be perfect. I had my system microphone over the recording and that was a mistake. To correct it, I'll record from a separate computer that I won't be using.

I appreciate everyone's participation. This will get better in time. - Brandan