View Full Version : Scheduled Meeting July 13 at 8:00 PM CDT

Bob Higby
07-12-08, 10:37 PM
I will start my series on the Seven Waves of Post Reformation Heresy. I believe Nicholas is going to continue contrasting true vs. false views of God's grace.

Saint Nicholas
07-15-08, 12:39 PM
Dear friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ,

I apologize for not being able to attend the Sunday conference. Some unexpected activities needed to be addressed that evening.


07-23-08, 09:49 AM
I listened to the podcast (because I was unable to make out most of the garbled sounds coming from the terrible speakers on my work computer :confused:) and was inspired to look up "Fullerism"....wow!

Found this:
http://www.littlezionpbc.org/Materials/What_is_the_Problem_with_Fullerism_10%20Points_021 607.htm

Found a whole bunch of other pages online, so I plan to look into this further....thanks Robert! :)