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07-18-19, 09:36 PM
Here is a new article I wrote about the Westboro Baptists - God Loves Fags (https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=1504)

Bob Higby
08-21-19, 07:25 PM
Very timely article!

The only item I would also consider in addition is the meaning of 'love' in the Bible as opposed to its use in common English and other languages. 'Love' in general cannot be referred to without people thinking of the Greek EROS (love of sentiment or how someone (in this case God) 'feels'). So love vs. hate is the wrong paradigm. The biblical word for 'love' is never EROS, it is always AGAPE or PHILEO which always refer to charity, generosity, hospitality, benevolence, kindness, etc. and not to a 'feeling'. So to say that God charitizes ('loves') the non-elect is true in a definite but infinitely lesser sense than with the elect, He does good to the reprobates in giving them a certain amount of blessing--even though they spurn all of this resulting in increased guilt.

The showing of a measure of generosity to the reprobate increases the Divine comedy in the end, the reprobates will curse God (ironically) even though they were shown blessing in this life.

The meaning of 'hate' is pretty clear and there is not a lot of debate on that.

Bro. Bob