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08-24-19, 06:16 AM
I wrote a four part series on Christ being made sin.

Part 1: https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=1549
Part 2: https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=1557
Part 3: https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=1565
Part 4: https://www.pristinegrace.org/media.php?id=1568

When I sat down to write this, I was unaware of the "4th camp" in all of this. But it is now been defined as undefined​ nonsense.

Bob Higby
08-27-19, 03:29 AM

Wonderful articles in my estimation, right on target! I still have no idea of why anyone was interested in starting this 'controversy' if they care about the greater meat of the simple gospel that the world hates. It is an awful speculative diversion from the truth.

The position cited in Part 4 in the history of theology is named 'analytical justification'; i.e., God first analyzes the condition of a soul and then declares it to be fact. With so many proponents of the 'Christ Made Sin' teaching disagreeing with me, I asked of some of them whether they are actually teaching an 'effective justification', the position that imputed rightness/justness in Christ is associated with an effective change in the believer (Holy Spirit regeneration, the gift of faith, purification of conscience (assurance), and motivation unto good works). And this perspective being parallel to the imputation of sin to Christ effecting the crushing load of guilt from the elect's sin to Christ's person. I had stated that the experience of this guilt (REAL guilt based on imputation) in Christ was as far as I could go in agreeing with the 'Christ made sin' theory. I was told that this was completely missing their doctrine of Christ actually being MADE BLACK (sin) and that was the end of discussion. I can't go further in trying to ascertain what 'Christ made sin' means to any of them. --Bro. Bob